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Team Singapore


Team Singapore comprises 22 young skills talents who will compete in 20 skill areas at the WorldSkills Competition 2015 in São Paulo. Aged between 18 and 23, the team represents the best in skills talents among our nation’s youths. This team of skilful young men and women have been selected from Singapore’s polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education. Most of them proved their skills competencies by outshining other local skilled youths at the gruelling WorldSkills Singapore 2014 National Competition held in July 2014. Each of them is an inspiring role model of how a young person can create wonders with his or her skills.

Member Organization

Since Singapore’s debut at the WorldSkills Competition (WSC) in 1995, Team Singapore has done progressively well over the years. Last year, at the 42nd WSC in Germany, our competitors clinched three Gold Medals, two Silver Medals and nine Medallions of Excellence. For a small nation, Singapore has performed outstandingly, outshining other advanced countries. There has been rising focus on the value of skilled talent in Singapore, and the WorldSkills Competition is a platform to nurture and recognise our best youth talents.

Team Leader Contact

Steven Low Eng Tat

Press Contact

Ms Jamie Chan
Head/Media, Institute of Technical Education

Press Releases





Farisha Dhamiera Bohari
Restaurant Service

Amanda Chan
Web Design

Rong Kang Chew
IT Software Solutions for Business


Wei Meng, Daniel Lee
IT Network Systems Administration

YongQiang Lin
Mobile Robotics

Lim Ling
Health and Social Care



Fook Lee Loh

Muhammad Mahmoud Abdullah Ng
Information Network Cabling

Dinesh Mangalanathadurai
Mobile Robotics


Muhammad Miqdad Mazlan
Mechanical Engineering Design - CAD

Ming Yang Ng
CNC Turning

Wei Xin Ng



Zheng Jie Ong
CNC Milling

Xian Bin, Eugene Peh

Ying Xian Bryan Phang
Aircraft Maintenance


Yong Han Poh

Hui Min Vanessa Quek
Beauty Therapy

Wen Hui Josephine Quek
Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing



Hui Min Elaine Sz

Joell Thng Chong Shu
Industrial Control

Chun Siong Wong
Electrical Installations


Tan Xinyi Cellyn
Graphic Design Technology

Skills with Competitors

  • Restaurant Service
  • Web Design
  • IT Software Solutions for Business
  • IT Network Systems Administration
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Health and Social Care
  • Cooking
  • Information Network Cabling
  • Mechanical Engineering Design - CAD
  • CNC Turning
  • Electronics
  • CNC Milling
  • Mechatronics
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing
  • Hairdressing
  • Industrial Control
  • Electrical Installations
  • Graphic Design Technology