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Team Australia


The 2015 Skillaroos comprises of Australia’s most dedicated and passionate young trades and skills professionals who will be competing in 26 specialised skill categories at the International Competition. Individually, each Skillaroo brings with them their own specialised knowledge and distinguished skill-set to the International Competition. However, as a team, the Skillaroos collectively share the same dream of being titled ‘World Champion’ in their chosen field and the desire to do Australia proud on the international stage.

Member Organization

WorldSkills Australia aims to develop and nurture the skills of young Australians. Our purpose is to promote and build a skills-based culture by inspiring young Australians, celebrating skills excellence and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent. We achieve this goal through competitions held on a regional, national and international level.

Team Leader Contact

Dave O'Donnell

Press Contact

Devon LaSalle
Communications & PR Coordinator

Press Releases

The first press release relating to the announcement of the Skillaroo team will be made available on 11 May.




Thomas Crittenden
Sheet Metal Technology

Jim D'Elboux
Industrial Control

Karl Davies
Automobile Technology


Adele Di Bella
Pâtisserie and Confectionery

Dylan Di Martino
Plumbing and Heating

Dale Fisher
Graphic Design Technology



Jyothi Forman

Karl Geue

Emma Hillier
Fashion Technology


Michael James
Construction Metal Work

Samantha Johnson
Restaurant Service

Sharlene Kidd
Painting and Decorating



Beau Kupris
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Kelvin Marquand
Manufacturing Team Challenge


Hayley Parker

Joseph Pauley
Industrial Mechanics Millwright

Jessica Peters



Daniel Picariello
Wall and Floor Tiling


Matthew Sawers
Manufacturing Team Challenge

Luke Schaenzel
Manufacturing Team Challenge

Samuel Spong



Blair Watters
Car Painting

Harlan Wilton
Web Design

Skills with Competitors

  • Sheet Metal Technology
  • Industrial Control
  • Automobile Technology
  • Pâtisserie and Confectionery
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Graphic Design Technology
  • Jewellery
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Fashion Technology
  • Construction Metal Work
  • Restaurant Service
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Manufacturing Team Challenge
  • Welding
  • Hairdressing
  • Industrial Mechanics Millwright
  • Floristry
  • Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Bakery
  • Joinery
  • Bricklaying
  • Car Painting
  • Web Design