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Hayley Parker

Competitor in Skill: Hairdressing
Country: Australia

How did you get interested in your skill?
I was studying the Diploma of Specialist Make-Up and part of the course was to undertake Certificate II in Hairdressing. I’ve always had a passion for hair and was excited to also be studying hairdressing as well as make-up. To complete the course we also had to do 120 hours of work experience within the industry. This then lead to my passion for hairdressing to grow more and more and has encouraged me to pursue a career in Hairdressing.

Where did you do your training for your skill?
The Gordon Institute of TAFE, Geelong Campus

How did you first find out about your Member organization and its programs?
I first got involved in WorldSkills Australia while I was at TAFE. My teacher approached me and told me to enter the competition as she thought I had a good chance and my skills where quite developed. At this stage I was only a 1st year apprentice and had no confidence in myself that I would do as well as I did. I was very shocked!

Who influenced you to pursue your skill as a career?
Many people influenced me. My family, friends, 2014 National WorldSkills mentor and educator for the Gordon Karen Reed, my employers from Salon Sojourn Jamie Whelan and Teena Carmichael, fellow employees and Donna DeMaria and Alexis Scott. Without their constant support and help I wouldn’t be the hairdresser I am today!

What is your experience in participating with your Member organization?
My experience has been great! I have met some fantastic people along the way and the skills which I have obtain are things I would dream about being able to do!

Describe your most memorable moment so far with WorldSkills?
My most memorable moment would be travelling to Chongqing, China and Hamilton, New Zealand with the Skillaroos. It was a great opportunity and stepping stone in lead up to the International WorldSkills Competition. As well as a great team bonding opportunity with the rest of the Skillaroos.

Describe what your experience has been since your involvement with WorldSkills
My experience has been one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It has been an amazing opportunity that I have been fortunate enough to obtain. The people I have met along the way will be friendships I will have for the rest of my life. The experiences I have obtained and the skills I have learnt are priceless!

Did participating in the skills competitions and training for WorldSkills help you progress in your skill? Please describe.
WorldSkills Australia has assisted me in building my confidence and professionalism. It has showed me how to hold myself in front of professionals and has given me a lot of confidence, even down to the little things like writing emails and letters. It has also helped develop my skills and professionalism in the salon. Not only have I noticed a great change in how I interact with clients in the salon but my employers and employees have too.

What do you currently do? Where do you work?
I am currently working part time at Salon Sojourn as well as training full time in preparation for the 2015 International WorldSkills Competitions. I am also undertaking Certificate IV in Hairdressing and Training and Assessment.

What are your future career aspirations?
• Win gold at the 2015 International Worldskills Competitions in Sao Paulo
• Complete Certificate IV in Hairdressing and Training and Assessment
• Obtain Diploma of Salon Management
• Obtain Certificate in Hairdressing Creative Leadership
• Become a Salon Manager
• Become an Educator/Platform presenter
• I want to travel and work in highly renowned salons around the world
• Open a highly successful hair salon and barber shop