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Skill Explained

The florist may work in one of several sectors but often they are self-employed and work on commissioned projects or in the retail sector. As such they need to have business acumen and excellent interpersonal skills when dealing with clients. Excellent levels of customer care and sales skills are crucial. As themed floral works are often commissioned for important life events such as weddings, the florist must have perception and be able to offer appropriate expert advice to the client whilst interpreting the vision for the finished project.

Flowers and other botanical materials are delicate, easily damaged or spoilt and have a limited storage life. As such the florist must be respectful of the raw materials with which they work and apply extensive knowledge of effective sourcing, purchasing and storage of all botanical materials.

Design of a floral work, whether it is a small bouquet or a large installation for a major event, requires the florist to be innovative, creative and to demonstrate artistic and design talent that incorporates aesthetics and practicalities. The florist must apply the rules and theory of composition, colour and technique as valid by the floristry trade worldwide, and show clear ideas (principles and elements of floral design) in his/her works.

The florist will use their expertise and knowledge of flowers, plants, botanical materials and accessories to produce floral works. There is a wide scope of practice in industry. Some florists will work in retail outlets and prepare bouquets and arrangements speculatively for sale and must therefore be keenly aware of their market. At the other end of the professional spectrum, a florist may be commissioned to provide floral displays for major high profile international events that require interpreting a theme and working effectively with a large team and other professionals in a high pressure situation with tight time limitations.

What the Competitors do at the Competition

The Competitor is judged on:

  • Flowers and botanical material
  • The tools and equipment that are used in floristry
  • The theory of composition, colour, design and technique
  • How to interpret a brief
  • Apply design principles

The Competitor will be judged on their ability to:

  • Select botanical materials, containers, technical aids/materials and decorative accessories for the planned design to comply with the room, the person, the wedding or the funeral, etc.
  • Create a room decoration using suitable techniques such or combinations of techniques
  • Condition and prepare the botanical materials for the design
  • Create a shop design using botanical materials, interior furniture, stands, displays, vases, containers and accessories
  • Design and prepare the full range of floral works used at a wedding including large and complex displays appropriate for a wedding
  • Apply appropriate health and safety when working with plant displays




Amelia Addis
New Zealand

Muneera ALHammadi
United Arab Emirates


Louisa Cooper
United Kingdom



Sharyn Jager


Weng Tong Ku
Macao, China




Chinese Taipei


Stefanie Peskoller
South Tyrol, Italy

Jessica Peters



Marina Spring

Ana Vashadze




Attila Boros

Pui Wa Chao
Macao, China

Yin Lien Chou
Chinese Taipei


Andy Djati Utomo

Annemie Duchateau

Roberto Ferrari
United Arab Emirates



Jean-Philippe FRITZ

Joyce Goh

Yoon Joo Lee


Johann Obendrauf

Hein Otten

Tiina Räihä



Alan Randell-Smith

Thomas Ratschker

Tanus Saab


Zurab Shevardnadze

Mikael Sörensson

Nina Stanley
New Zealand



Maria Steinmair
South Tyrol, Italy

Evgenia Volina

Koichi wada


Marita Walde

Stephanie Willoughby
United Kingdom