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Brazilian Minister of Education visits WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

15 August 2015

After watching the award ceremony at the SESI Robotics Festival, with primary school students, Ribeiro spoke to the press. “WorldSkills is a fascinating event that presents paths for many young students. It is upbeat, positive and supported by SENAI (National Service for Industrial Learning). It´s really motivating for anyone to see what these young students are capable of doing,” he said.

Mr. Janine Ribeiro pointed out that the Competition boosts productivity and improves the economy. “Vocational education is a new culture. The importance of vocational education is growing, and there is a lot of room for growth in our country. We need to foster this kind of education. It is a great inspiration for Brazil,” he said.

Ribeiro said he hopes, as soon as the Brazilian economy starts to grow again, that vocational education will create new opportunities and increase productivity in the labour market. “If we invest properly on education for children and teenagers, we will have even more improvements,” he said.

The Minister walked with SENAI´s General Director Rafael Lucchesi, and visited the Samsung Pavilion, where most skills take place. He also talked to some SENAI students who were attending the event.

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