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The greatest vocational education and skills excellence competition of the world honoured with commemorative stamp in Brazil

9 February 2015

From 11 to 16 August 2015, Brazil will host the 43rd WorldSkills Competition, the greatest vocational education and skills excellence competition of the world, held every two years since 1950. In order to promote the event, one of the initiatives implemented by the WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 Competition Organizer, was asking the Brazilian Ministry of Communications to include the institutionalization and production of a stamp in the Annual Commemorative Stamp Programme organized by the Correios (Brazilian Mail Service), especially for this event. The Competition Organizer expects 600,000 copies of this stamp to be printed. WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 will be held at Anhembi Park, in São Paulo, and more than 1,200 registered Competitors are expected, from more than 60 countries and regions, divided among 50 different skills related to trades, technologies and service-oriented careers.

The idea of creating an official stamp for WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 was the result of discussions regarding the legacy that the Competition could provide for Brazil, between WorldSkills International, the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) and the Competition Organizer responsible for the 43rd WorldSkills Competition. "Since this is a new event in Brazil and the criteria for participation in the Annual Commemorative Stamp Programme is very specific, we believe the creation of this stamp will be a really interesting way to make the Competition memorable. Fortunately our request was accepted by the Ministry of Communications and the Correios,” says Paulo Pandjiarjian, Institutional and Government Relations Coordinator for the WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 Competition Organizer.

The stamp has a picture of the Cable-Stayed Bridge (Ponte Estaiada), located in the southern region of São Paulo, and the WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 logo. "We chose to use an image of the Cable-Stayed Bridge because it is one of the most famous sights in the city of São Paulo, where the Competition will be held," explains Pandjiardian. The commemorative stamp for WorldSkills São Paulo 2015, is an official stamp from the Correios, it will cost BRL 3.15 and will be distributed nationally.

After the launching event at the Renaissance hotel, in São Paulo, on 3 February 2015, it will be available at the Correios agencies, used on postcards.

The creation of this commemorative stamp is also considered a distinction because nowadays with mass communication through electronic media, the stamp is something that already exists and is used by many people, although it may be unnoticed by some. "We think that the presence of something physical, tangible and enduring is a very interesting differential nowadays. The stamp will be registered in Brazilian philately and the philatelic community is very large and influential, which also helps highlight the commemorative stamp,” said the Institutional and Government Relations Coordinator for the WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 Competition Organizer.

Technical Information:

Art: Filipe Ribeiro Calado da Silva

Printing process: offset

Page: 24 stamps

Paper: coated gummed paper

Price: BRL 3.15

Circulation: 600.000 stamps

Drawing area: 54mm x 20mm

Stamp dimension: 59mm x 25mm

Pricking: 11,5 x 12

Issuance Date: 03/02/2015

Launching location: São Paulo/SP

Printed at: Casa da Moeda do Brasil

Version: Philately and Product Department /ECT

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