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WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 Medals and Recognition of Champions

14 August 2015

WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 will be the biggest in WorldSkills history with 1,189 registered Competitors from 59 WorldSkills Member countries and regions competing in 50 skills. Each of these young people has demonstrated excellence in their skill, dedication to further developing their skill, and passion for learning best practice in industry. At the close of the Competition, all Competitors will have shared a unique experience - learning with and from one another, along with the many Experts and supporters of various types who realize the power of skills to improve our world.

While all leave Brazil with a sense of achievement and celebration as Champions, some will have exhibited levels of excellence that merit medals and recognition. The medals and recognition presented at WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 include the following.


Gold, silver, and bronze medals shall be awarded to the Competitors who come first, second, and third respectively in all Official, Demonstration Skills. At WorldSkills São Paulo 2015, there will be 46 Official skills and four Demonstration skills.

TIED MEDALS - gold, silver, and bronze

If the difference between two or more Competitors is no more than two points on the 500 scale, then “tied” medals will be awarded as described below. However, variations may be accepted if recommended by the Technical Committee and agreed by the General Assembly at the meetings at which Competition results are ratified.

GOLD medals in the event of a tie

Two gold medals, no silver medal, one or more bronze medals.

Three or more gold medals, no silver medal. In addition, one or more bronze medals when the difference between the last gold medal winner(s) and the next Competitor(s) is not more than two points.

SILVER medals in the event of a tie

One gold medal, two or more silver medals. In addition, one or more bronze medals when the difference between the last silver medal winner and the next Competitor(s) is not more than two points.

BRONZE medals in the event of a tie

One gold medal, one silver medal, two or more bronze medals.


Competitors who have obtained 500 or more points, but who are not awarded a medal shall be awarded a Medallion for Excellence.


Usually, the Competitor who gains the highest points and/or highest medal of their country’s/region’s team will be awarded the Best of Nation award. The Member's Technical Delegate makes the relevant decision.


The Competitor(s) with the highest points at the Competition receives the Albert Vidal Award. This prestigious award is named in honour of Francisco Albert-Vidal, who in 1946 was instrumental in developing the idea that it is necessary to convince youth, as well as their parents, teachers and prospective employers, that their future depends on an effective vocational training system. The decision was that promoting a skill competition would be the ideal platform to achieve this goal. Through competition, young people would be inspired, and their parents, teachers, and community would see a variety of trades being demonstrated, realizing the important part skills excellence and development play in our world. Vidal’s work laid the foundation for the first International Vocational Training Competition in 1950. The Vocational Training Competitions became his life's work, and shaped what we know today as WorldSkills.

The WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 recipient of the Albert Vidal Award will receive an Albert Vidal Award trophy from WorldSkills and a Brazilian cultural piece of art from WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.


All Competitors receive a Certificate of Participation.
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