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Russia will host the 45th WorldSkills Competition

14 August 2015

Russia was chosen to host the 45th WorldSkills Competition, which will take place in 2019. The voting session happened Monday, 10 August, at Anhembi Park, during the WorldSkills General Assembly.

In the second round of voting, Russia was victorious. Kazan, Russia will be the host city in 2019. Also bidding for the 45th WorldSkills Competition was Paris, France and Charleroi, Belgium.

Representatives from the three candidate cities that wished to host the Competition were quite confident before the voting session. Francis Hourant, general director at Skills Belgium, highlighted the importance of the event for the Belgian industry. “WorldSkills Competition is a powerful event that boosts and inspires young students to engage in vocational education,” he said. Charleroi’s presentation pointed out Belgium’s industrial tradition.

France’s representative, Michel Gusembert, emphasized the importance of providing young French students with a better future. Paris’ presentation highlighted the hardworking characteristic of French youth.

Finally, Pavel Chernykh, Russia’s representative, talked about their plans for the 45th WorldSkills Competition, which includes “Junior Skills”, a competition for children.

“We are extremely happy to have won and we will do our best, proposing new ideas and making WorldSkills Kazan 2019 a remarkable Competition,” Chernykh said after the end of the voting session.

In addition to choosing the next host country, the General Assembly also admitted three new countries as WorldSkills Members: Israel, Palestine and Costa Rica, and celebrated David Hoey’s 10th anniversary as WorldSkills CEO.

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