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One School One Country programme launches educational game for the greatest vocational education and skills excellence Competition in the world

3 July 2015

From 12-15 August 2015, Brazil will host the WorldSkills Competition, the greatest vocational education and skills excellence Competition in the world, held in Latin America for the first time. Over1,200 registered Competitors from more than 60 countries and regions are expected to participate in WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. They will compete in 50 different skills related to trades, technologies, and service-oriented careers. Competitors demonstrate individual and collective technical skills to perform specific tasks for each of the professional skills that must be completed according to international industry standards.

The One School One Country Programme, which is officially part of the Competition since WorldSkills Shizuoka 2007, has the goal of demonstrating to elementary school students from local schools, that vocational education is a good career path and that it is possible to complete vocational training courses during high school from the 2nd year on. Fifty-five schools in São Paulo will welcome Delegations from different countries and regions and have the opportunity to learn more about vocational education and labour market opportunities, as well as enjoying an intense cultural, experience and learning exchange opportunity.

One of these exchange opportunities will be the “Career Choice – SENAI game ", a limited edition for One School One Country partner schools, which presents challenges related to the SENAI skills, necessary qualities for the labour market, career paths, and citizenship. "The game was developed for students that are at least 12 years old and intends to promote vocational education, as well as information dissemination and exchanges. This project intends to encourage reading, body language, negotiation, and teamwork skills, promoting citizenship.“ explained Frederico Lamego, CEO at WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.

The rules are simple: two to four groups, with four players each at most, moving pins on a board game shaped according to the Brazil map and the finishing point is Anhembi Park, where the Competition will be held. The goal is that players become technical professionals and during the game, each team must fulfil challenges related to everyday situations during the career choice process.

The game will include icons for Skills, Qualities, Citizenship, Master Prizes, and Exchanges. When the pin stops on a specific icon, the player must fulfil the proposed challenges, as described on the board. On "Skills" and "Qualities" the player must read a card to the other participants; on "Citizenship" the player must withdraw a card and interpret its content- using mime or drawing skills – and the other participants in the group must guess what it is. On the "Master Prize" icon, the player can also receive a SENAI Qualification Certificate and, finally, on the "Exchange" icon, players can exchange cards they are not interested in with the other team members.

The team that completes a full circuit with all of the challenges and reaches Anhembi Park first, will win, obtaining certification for their professional career choice. In addition, the team should also have a set of minimum cards: two cards with two different "Qualities", one "Certificate" card; one "Citizenship" card and one "Skill" card. If the group completes the circuit without the minimum set of cards, they must continue the circuit until they collect necessary set of cards to become a technical professional.

All of the 55 schools from the One School One Country Programme will receive the "Career Choice – SENAI game" and students will have the opportunity to play and experience a bit, of what a technical career represents, so that when they visit WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 that can already be aware of how each profession and the labour market work.

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