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Worldskills São Paulo 2015 will be theme of commemorative postage stamp in Brazil

3 February 2015

From 11 to 16 August 2015, Brazil will host for the first time the WorldSkills Competition, which is the biggest vocational training competition in the world, takes place every two years since 1950 and will hold its 43rd edition this year. In order to publicize the event, one of the initiatives of the Competition Organizer of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 was to request for the Brazilian Ministry of Communications to include in the Annual Program of Commemorative Postage Stamps of the Brazilian Mail Service the institutionalization and production of a postage stamp that referred specifically to this event. It is expected that 600,000 copies of this postage stamp will be printed. WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015 will be held at Anhembi Park, in São Paulo, and there are expected more than 1,200 Competitors from more than 50 countries who will be divided among 50 different skills.

The idea of creating an official postage stamp about WorldSkills São Paulo in 2015 came from an alignment done between the WorldSkills International, owner of the Competition, the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI in the acronym in Portuguese) and the Competition Organizer responsible for this 43rd edition about the legacy that the Competition could leave to Brazil. "As this event is unprecedented in Brazil and the criteria used for the inclusion of a theme in the Annual Program of Commemorative Postage Stamps are quite specific, we believe the creation of this postage stamp seems to be a really interesting way to make the Competition memorable and fortunately our request was accepted by the Ministry of Communications and the Brazilian Mail Service", says Paulo Pandjiarjian, Coordinator of Institutional and Government Relations of the Competition Organizer of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.

The stamp has a picture of the Cable-Stayed Bridge, which is located in the southside of São Paulo city, and the logo of the WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. "We chose to use an image of Cable-Stayed Bridge because it is one of the most famous landmark of São Paulo city, the host of the Competition," explains Pandjiardian. The commemorative postage stamp of this edition of the Competition will be one of the Brazilian Mail Service official stamps, it will cost BRL 3.15 and will be available in several Post Offices in Brazil after its launch in February.

The creation of this postage stamp is also considered as a differential because nowadays the communication is done massively by electronic means and the stamp is something that already exists and is used for much of the population, although sometimes it may be not noticed by some people. "We think that the presence of something physical, tangible and enduring is a very interesting differential nowadays. The stamp will be marked in the history of philately in Brazil and the Brazilian philatelic community is very large and influential, which also helps to highlight the commemorative stamp", concludes the Coordinator of Institutional and Government Relations of the Competition Organizer of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.

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