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Lauryn Erickson

  • Age: 19 years

Competitor in Skill: Hairdressing
Country: United States of America

How did you get interested in your skill?

It has always been a passion of mine, and I have always loved making people happy and making people feel good about themselve s. I have an extremely artistic background and I truly believe that colouring and styling hair in this manner is an art in itself. In my skill area and profession, I am able to do this every s ingle day. It is such a "rush" to know that I can make a person's day, week, even their entire month just by changing their look and making them feel more confident about themselves.

Where did you do your training for your skill?

I was trained by numerous world champion trainers at Pivot Point International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. I also trained, with help from my cosmetology instructor, at the Mecosta Osceola Career Center in Big Rapids, Michigan, where I attended classes to receive my cosmetology license .

How did you first find out about your Member organization and its programs?

When I was in cosmetology school, my instructor introduced us to SkillsUSA, where I competed for 2 years. I found out that it was ju st another way to excel in my field and continue my education outside of the normal cosmetology classes, so of course I had to try it.

Who influenced you to pursue your skill as a career?

My cosmetology instructor, Linda Ward, was a huge influence on me but to be honest and, I as my own person, never need a lot of influencing to pursue my dreams and aspirations. I knew it was something that I loved and it is something that I am very good at, therefore I like to believe a lot of the influence was from within.

What is your experience in participating with your Member organization?

Skills USA was an eye opening experience for me in many ways. I learned that I have extreme drive and determination when it comes to achieving my goals whether in my skill area or my everyday life. It proved to me that I can do great things with the talent that I have been blessed with. My skills in my field had excelled far above many of my fellow classmates and I think the SkillsUSA competitions prepared me for my career as a cosmetologist in many ways. I learned leadership traits and was forced out of my comfort zone which is necessary as a cosmetologist. I gained technical skills and speed faster than I would have if I hadn't participated in SkillsUSA.

Describe your most memorable moment so far with WorldSkills?

The most memorable moment I have experienced thus far is actually receiving the call that I had been chosen and that I would be going to represent the United States. WorldSkills is something I've thought about the entire time I was competing in SkillsUSA but it seemed like such an unreachable goal. I worked extremely hard to prove myself and to prove my talent and knowing that it all paid off in the end is such a rewarding feeling.

Describe what your experience has been since your involvement with WorldSkills

I have been trained my numerous world champions in their field , and everything I have learned is so invaluable to me. Money could not buy what I have learned from these talented people. The publicity I have received from the competition is also invaluable. As a hairdresser, people need to know my name and they need to know what I can do so I can gain a diverse and large clientele. I have already stepped up my game in my career and am already extremely successful for such a young age. I have learned that this is a gruelling process preparing for WorldSkills and I have also realized that hard work will absolutely pay off in the end.

Did participating in the skills competitions and training for WorldSkills help you progress in your skill? Please describe.
Yes, I have learned so many things during training that I have found extremely useful in my everyday work life. I have learned new cutting, colouring, and styling techniques from my training and I appreciate everything all of my trainers have done for me to help me succeed in this competition.

What do you currently do? Where do you work?

I am currently a hairdresser in a salon in Big Rapids, Michigan called The Studio. There are 14 other stylists there, as well as a massage therapist and a nail technician. I currently work 4 days a week at the salon and am learning new things and meeting new clients daily.

What are your future career aspirations?

I want to be as successful as possible as a hairdresser and I want people to know my name when they hear it. I have had just a taste of this success already and am looking forward to the future because things can only go up from here. I want to be in love with my job and my clients . I want to make all kinds of people feel beautiful and more confident.