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Thabiso Mohale

Competitor in Skill: Autobody Repair
Country: South Africa

I chose this career because I love working with cars.

As a kid I used to push around shoes, tennis balls and mostly anything that can move, at least that's what my parents say. As I got older I started shaping bricks to look like mini buses and building wire cars. When I finished grade 7 I went to Rhodesfied Technical High School. That's where my love for cars grew, because I was doing mechanical technology which really expanded my knowledge. When I finished matric I decided to study mechanical engineering at Pretoria Technical College .I was already in love with the motor industry. My first year in college my family was involved in an accident, the car was really bad and was written off. It was the only car my mother had and I couldn't stand the thought of her losing it and so I started saving money and buying tools. Before long I started working on the car repairing it whenever I get time. Many thought it was impossible but in the end I managed to get it running so from that day on my passion for repairing cars sky rocketed. I finished my engineering course could have went on to become an engineer or a mechanic, but I chose auto body repair because its in me. I applied for an apprenticeship as an auto body repair technician. I feel like it's the best decision I have ever made. Now my goal is to become an artisan.