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Painting and Decorating

Skill Explained

A painter and decorator works in the commercial and public sectors and is responsible for the external and internal appearance of a building and its protection from water, rust, mould and insects. There is a direct relationship between the nature and quality of the service required and the payment made by the client. Therefore the painter and decorator has a continuing responsibility to work professionally and interactively with the client in order to give satisfaction and thus maintain and grow the business. Painting and decorating is closely associated with other parts of the construction industry, and with the many products that support it.

The painter and decorator works internally and externally in very diverse environments, for example in companies, factories, schools, hotels, the homes of clients and on building sites in all weather conditions. He or she may offer a range of services, including interpreting client requirements/drawings, advising on designs/colours, painting, spraying, decorative coatings, wallpapering, gilding and sign writing to a high standard.

Work organization and self-management, communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving, innovation, creativity, and the ability to prepare surfaces thoroughly with meticulous care and work accurately are the universal attributes of the outstanding painter and decorator. In a mobile labour market, the painter and decorator may work in teams, or alone, or in both from time to time.

Whatever the structure of the work, the trained and experienced painter and decorator takes on a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy. From carefully determining the requirements of the client, working safely and tidily, exceptional planning and scheduling, precision and attention to detail to the fine gilding of objects and finishing of furniture, every process matters and mistakes are largely irreversible and costly.

With the international mobility of people, the painter and decorator faces rapidly expanding opportunities and challenges. For the talented painter and decorator there are many commercial and international opportunities; however these carry with them the need to understand and work with diverse cultures, trends and fashions. The diversity of skills associated with painting and decorating is therefore likely to expand.

What the Competitors do at the Competition

The Competitor is judged on:

  • Working environment
  • Paint panelled door (in two colours) and frame
  • Drawing, setting out
  • Design
  • Wallpaper application
  • Lettering application
  • Decorative techniques
  • Time management
  • Working arrangement
  • Efficiency




Janin Aellig


Curtis Baker
United Kingdom



Dennis Federspiel
South Tyrol, Italy




Sharlene Kidd

Cho Hong Lai
Hong Kong, China


Rick Rekers

Chinese Taipei



Miriam Thommes




Henk Baas

Ainnuddin Bujang

Philippe Carlier


Tien Li Chen
Chinese Taipei

Yun Cheong Ching
Hong Kong, China

Csaba Csaki



Ludovic DUREL

Andreas Gärdin Hyttsten

Bruno Giongo
South Tyrol, Italy


Martine Ihry

Matthias List

Andreas Marbacher



Gilvan Reis

Kirsti Salo

Amr Shehata


Kjeld Terp Andersen

Michael Tobisch

Ian Vickery



Peter Walters
United Kingdom